About Virtually Automated

Integratedelectronic system solutions for homes and offices

Virtually Automated is a new innovative company providing a home and commercial automation for IoT (Internet of Things) solutions and IoV (Internet of Value) experiences.

Virtually Automated will also offer a Virtually Automated (VAP) platform for our customers and venders’ interaction.

Virtually Automated, LLC is a full-service custom electronics installer providing integrated electronic system solutions for residential and commercial clients.

Our Approach

Leveraging Technology in a Local Space to have a Global Reach

We Connect

We take The Internet of Things and create The Internet of Value

About Virtually Automated

We specialize in:


Systems Integration

Aggregation of subsystems cooperating so that the system is able to deliver the overarching functionality.


Automation, security and safety

Capability of programming your devices to interact with your existing and emerging technologies


Flexible structured wiring

Flexible innovative technology wiring infrastructure essential in making your home or facility “Future Ready”.


Audio and video distribution

Distribution of audio to different rooms throughout your house or facility from different sources


Lighting control systems

Intelligent network-based lighting systems employed to maximize the energy savings, security and convenience from your lighting system


IP wireless and wired network solutions

Is the fastest, most secured and reliable that allows computers to exchange data.


Video Surveillance Solutions

Camera systems integrated for video surveillance from remote locations for any device


Energy management

Systems to centrally control devices like HVAC units, appliances and lighting systems across multiple locations.


Theaters rooms

A dedicated room with a projector and sound treatment used for movies in the home, but also for collaboration and interaction in business environments.


Media and multi-media rooms

With the evolution of smart TVs a media room can be expanded for multiple use and applications.


Data analytic

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Construction or renovation of traditional board rooms to telepresence centers linking people across the globe through collaboration


Video mapping

With the evolution of user-generated content, more people are creating and developing their own content from home. Having the right gear, design and acoustic is essential to any A/ V Studio.


Digital signage

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With the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) Virtually Automated is focusing on the personalization of our clients connected lifestyle or application. We believe in taking the IoT and developing it into the Internet of Value (IoV).

Our company is partnered with industry experts to meet the challenges often encountered with and during existing renovation, new construction and development projects. Virtually Automated professional associations include Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA), Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) – Certified for Video Calibration, Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA) – Certified for Room Acoustics Analysis, Home Automation Incorporated (HVIRTUALLY AUTOMATED) – Automation Controller Programming Certified.

Virtually Automated strategic partnerships with Vision Interactive Technology Fusion (VITF), Automated Intelligence (Ai) and others enable our company to provide innovative solutions for the home including remote interaction, energy management, streaming audio and video media, recording and video studios.

Our commercial clients benefit from the unique technology we share to capture their competitive customer base while providing cost-effective and leading edge data analytic solutions, multi projection 4K video mapping, collaboration for unlimited, simultaneous content sharing. Virtually Automated can also provide technology to connect mobile users with interactive contextual content and location based solutions.

Unlike the cable companies who may promise to make one size fits all automation systems, which are little more than glorified security systems. Virtually Automated is focused on listening to clients’ needs and providing education to assure a holistic technology approach that serves their needs and brings added value to their lifestyle and or professional applications.

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